Application and abstract submission for YSM is now closed. YSM applicants must submit their OSM abstract by 8 Sept 2012 using the SAME conference account.

Please ensure that you register once the decision on your application has been communicated to you.


The YSM is open on a competitive basis to approx. 80 outstanding early-career researchers who meet the following criteria:

1. Age: Usually under 35 years

2. Career status
- PhD students: Usually in the latter stages of their degree
- Post-PhD: Usually within 5 years of completing their degree

3. Scientific scope: Paleoscientists (data-based or modelers) or global change scientists with a strong, proven interest in paleoscience

The participants will be selected on the basis of the quality of the application and suitability.

Note: All YSM applicants that do not make the YSM shortlist will be given the option of either participating in the OSM only or withdrawing their OSM abstract as well.

Application and Abstract Submission

Early career scientists wishing to attend the YSM are required to present their work either as a poster or a talk. Attendance is competitive and will be based primarily on the quality of the abstract submitted. The organizers will strive however, to achieve a gender and geographical balance to ensure a lively and representative meeting.

To apply for the YSM, you have to submit an abstract AND to fill in the application form. 

Application and abstract submission DEADLINE for YSM: 16 July 2012

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of August 2012. 


 - All YSM applicants are required to submit an abstract to the OSM as well. You can re-submit the same YSM abstract or a new one, but it must be submitted to an OSM session separately through your conference account.

- All YSM participants should register for the OSM as well. Accommodation at the venue (International Centre Goa) is provided for all participants for the entire duration (10-17 Feb 2013) of the OSM and YSM to promote interaction and networking. An attractive package is offered! Exceptions may be made for local candidates and those with families who wish to make their own arrangements.

- Before you submit an abstract, please check that you meet the eligibility criteria and decide which session your abstract best fits under.

Four key steps to be completed

1. Create a conference account

2. Submit your abstract(s) (abstract submission is now closed)

3. Fill in the application form (closed)

4. Register for the conference

Financial Support

Deadline for financial support has passed.

Funding is available for registration fees, accommodation and travel support. If you wish to apply for funding, please complete the "Funding request" section in the YSM application form (closed). 

While significant funding has been earmarked for early career researchers, it will not be sufficient to support all participants or cover all costs. Hence applicants are encouraged to be self-supporting if possible.

Please note: This funding procedure is for participants who wish to opt for the YSM+OSM package. A separate OSM funding procedure is available for participants who wish to attend the OSM only.