Welcome to PAGES' 2nd Young Scientists Meeting

The PAGES Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) held once every four years, is the premier event for early career researchers organized by PAGES. The conference is a stepping-stone for early-career researchers who want to develop their professional skills and expand their scientific network. The 2nd YSM was held on 11-12 Feb 2013 in Goa, India. 

Take a quick look at this 3 minute video overview of the 2013 YSM.

ysm group photo 2013


Special issue update

Published articles are now appearing in the Climate of the Past special issue emerging from the 2nd Young Scientists Meeting.

All of the first authors are early-career researchers who attended our the YSM held in Goa, India in February 2013.

View the published papers and those in the pipeline at:


Post-meeting downloads

Download post-meeting material including videos, photos, "The Art of" presentations and the peer-feedback summary on the poster presentations here.


Eos article: 2nd YSM report

Eos-coverIn Eos now ... three early-career scientists report on the PAGES 2nd YSM in Goa, and discuss future directions for the 
paleoclimate field, e.g. the need for network building, more quantitative proxy-based reconstructions, fast and efficient data sharing, securing funding, and communicating results.

Read the article here.