OSM 2017 - PAGES in the Media

OSM 2017 - PAGES in the Media

#PAGES17 in the media

A selection of interviews and publications related to PAGES 3rd Young Scientists Meeting and 5th Open Science Meeting (#PAGES17) in the local media (in Spanish):

Aragon TV: An in-depth profile story (42 mins) about the YSM and OSM, the IPE and past global changes in the Aragon region of Spain here.

An article about PAGES and the OSM was in the Zaragoza press in April 2017 here.

Tercer Milenio (Tuesday 9 May): Ana Moreno, Penélope González Sampériz, Graciela Gil Romera and Blas Valero Garcés talk about paleoclimatology here.

Buenos días Aragón (Tuesday 9 May): Interview with Penélope González and live connection with Ana Moreno from IPE lab here.

Aragón en Abierto (Wednesday 10 May): Interview with Blas Valero Garcés here.

Special 'Ágora' program, Aragón Radio (Thursday 11 May): Juan Luis Arsuaga, Gloria Cuenca, Isabel Cacho, Penélope González Sampériz and William Fletcher here.

El Tiempo 2 (Thursday 11 May): Eduardo Lolumo presents the weather forecast from Cine Club Cerbuna with Ana Moreno here.

Nerilie Abram's plenary talk on sea level rise was written about on heraldo.es here.

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