OSM / YSM 2017 Blogs

OSM / YSM 2017 Blogs

A list of blogs written by participants after attending PAGES 3rd Young Scientists Meeting and/or 5th Open Science Meeting in Spain, May 2017.

Estelle Razanatsoa Estelle Razanatsoa attends PAGES conference, Spain, 7-14 May 2017 University of Cape Town, South Africa, blog
Savannah Worne The Past Global Changes Open Science Meeting, Zaragoza University of Nottingham, UK, blog
Florian Muthreich PAGES Young Scientist Meeting 2017 in Morillo de Tou INQUA blog
Heather Plumpton Palaeo-science in the Pyrenees at PAGES YSM 2017 University of Reading, UK, blog
Macarena L. Cardenas

Thoughts on PAGES OSM - with photographic evidence

University of Reading, UK, blog
Yoshi Maezumi & Vachel Carter PAGES young scientists find mountains, reservoirs and inspiration environmentalresearchweb
Georgina Falster Guest Travel Post: Georgina Falster attends prestigious Young Scientists Meeting in Spain University of Adelaide, Australia, blog
Matt Jones and Sarah Metcalfe The PAGES 5th OSM Zaragoza, Spain University of Nottingham, UK, blog

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