Meeting Materials OSM 2005

Meeting Materials OSM 2005


The 1st PAGES Open Science Meeting was held in London in 1998. The meeting consisted of 31 plenary talks and over 400 poster presentations. Participants uniformly reported that it was one of the best scientific meetings they had attended. We hope the 2nd PAGES Open Science Meeting, to be held in Beijing in 2005, will be equally successful!

The title of the IGBP-PAGES 2nd Open Science Meeting (OSM) is "Paleoclimate, Environmental Sustainability and Our Future". The meeting will focus on understanding past processes and natural variability—within the topics of climate, environmental change and human impact—in order to develop predictive models of the future.


The main aim of the OSM is to encourage international collaboration and interdisciplinary science. By linking various disciplines,the meeting seeks to showcase paleoresearch, environmental history and modeling in a unique way. It is hoped that presenters will take the opportunity not only to present their own work but to highlight paleoscience in general


  • Future Change: Historical Understanding
  • Humans and their Environment: Past Perspectives on Sustainability
  • Ocean-Continent-Cryosphere Interactions: Past and Present
  • Climate, Humans and the Environment in the Asian Region

Scientific Program

The OSM will consist of plenary lectures by invited speakers and poster sessions. The lectures are designed to provide geographical representation while balancing renowned senior scientists with young and upcoming researchers, well-known PAGES personalities with people totally new to PAGES. The majority of contributions from the international paleo-community will be in the form of posters, reporting research on one or more of the OSM themes. Some open slots have been reserved for short presentations by authors of meritorious posters from amongst the contributed abstracts. To provide enough time for discussions, posters will be on display for the entire duration of the meeting.


International Organizing Committee

Zhongli DING Institute of Geology and Geophycis, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Zhengtang GUO Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Julia BRIGHAM-GRETTE Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts, USA
Pinxian WANG Tongji University, China
Rick BATTARBEE Department of Geopgrahy, University of Liberpool, UK
Thorsten KIEFER PAGES International Project Office, Switzerland
Leah CHRISTEN PAGES International Project Office, Switzerland

Local Organizing Committee

Yiyu CHEN (Chair) National Natural Science Foundation of China, China IGBP Chair
Tungsheng LIU (Vice-Chair) Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Pinxian WANG (Vice-Chair) Tongji University

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